Sample Breakfast Menu


Breakfast Menu

Porthminster Full Fry Up
Bacon, local sausage, fried potato, field mushroom, baked beans, tomato
and two fried eggs
8.95 (DF)

Beef Brisket Hash
Two poached eggs and hollandaise sauce

Banana & Chi Seed Waffles 
Maple syrup & Cornish clotted cream

Vegetarian Breakfast
Fried potato, fried egg, spinach, tomato, field mushroom and baked beans
6.95 (GF) (DF) (V)
(If you order toast with this dish please specify if you require it to be (GF))

Grilled Whole Kipper
Poached egg, peppered spinach, horseradish and capers
6.95 (GF) (DF)

Cornish Smoked Haddock & Egg White Frittata
Herb salad and fresh lemon
6.50 (GF) (DF)


Fried egg on toast 3.95  (DF)
Sausage and beans 3.95 (GF) (DF)
Waffles with nutella or maple 3.95

*House-made granola 3.95  (DF)
*Two scrambled or fried eggs 3.95 (GF)
*Cornish back bacon 1.50 (GF) (DF)
*Grilled field mushrooms 1.25 (GF) (DF)
*Local sausage 1.50
*Baked beans 75p (GF) (DF)
*Grilled tomato 95p (GF) (DF)
*Hollandaise sauce 1.50 (GF)
*Fried potato 1.15 (GF) (DF)
*Slice of gluten free toast 1.95 (GF) (DF)
*Slice of toast 75p (DF)
*Champagne 9.50
*Prosecco 5.50
*Bloody Mary 6.95
*Hot Buttered Crumpets   or  Toasted Teacakes  2.95
Add strawberry jam or marmalade 50p

*We are sorry for it is not possible to change or swap items on the main menu.

(Our eggs are all free range)
(PLEASE:  If you have any allergies inform our waiting staff)


Tea & Coffee

Espresso 2.40
Macchiato  2.50
Flat White 2.80
Americano 2.70
Latte 2.80
Cappuccino 2.80
Mocha 3.25
Luxury Hot Chocolate 3.25
Add cream 30p
Iced Coffee 3.50
Cornish Tregothnan Loose Leaf Breakfast Tea 2.25
Earl Grey, Peppermint,Green, Chamomile,Manuka 2.50
Fresh Mint Tea 2.50

Cold Drinks

100% Pure  Orange Juice 2.95
Grapefruit Juice  2.95
Cornish Apple Juice 2.95
Fruit Presses 2.25
Elderflower, Raspberry Lemonade , Cucumber and Mint
Ginger Beer 2.25
Cornish Orchards Lemonade 2.95
Coke, Lemonade, Diet Coke 1.95

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